What do you need for a Klever Node

When you have decided to run a node on the KleverChain, then you need some server power. You can decide what kind of server you choose or were it is located in the world. For a good network, it is best to not have all servers in one country or place. Diversity in countries is the best. On the explorer of KleverChain you can see were all current running nodes are located, so you can see and decide were to put your server.

It is not smart to put a server at home, because the home connections have not always an 99.9999% uptime on the ISP you have at home.

Therefor it is recommended to use a VPS server somewhere on the globe. Each Virtual Private Server has its own amount of RAM, disk space, own operating system, own server load, and its own file system. In other words: each VPS is completely independent, hence the word “private” in the name.

Different VPS servers are on one physical server but work completely independently of each other. If one VPS on the server has a high load, only that VPS itself will be affected and other VPSs will not. However, in extreme cases, such as a major DDoS attack, it can happen that the host system becomes so overloaded that the other VPSs on the same server are also affected. But under normal circumstances, VPSs are independent.

But what do you need for KleverChain :

  • A CPU with 4 cores.
  • A RAM with 8GB.
  • An SSD with 200 GB.
  • An internet connection speed of at least 100 Mbps.
  • Linux or MacOS.

As soon as you have chosen and setup the server (VPS) then you need to have also Docker installed. How to install Docker is described at this location : https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/

When you have done all above steps, you are ready to setup your server to become a Validator for KleverChain. How you do that is fully explained in this article.