How became Klever this clever with these products

It was 2017-2018 that I met Klever at first time. I was looking for a good crypto wallet to store my TRX in that I recently bought back then. After testing several wallets I ran into Klever. The look and feel of that wallet was triggering me to use it. I personally like wallets that are working great but also looks great. During the use of the wallet I contacted Dio Ianakiara to see if I could work for Klever. In my first year(s) I worked as a community admin on Telegram channels. Together with other local admin we formed a community admin team that helped other crypto enthusiastic that were using Klever Wallet app also.

During the years it became more clear for me that we really need more and more decentralized applications to unbank yourself. The current fiat flow is not build to keep the same or better value to your local currency. Klever has always kept in mind to make crypto more easy to enter for every user on every place on the globe. You have seen in very often in their communications:

Crypto is difficult, but shouldn’t be

Klever was designed to solve two big issues in crypto today. The crypto security problem and the user experience problem.

This is very important to make crypto more and more adoptable. When Klever has started their journey it was clear that every product that they launched should be easy to use for every user on the globe. Let’s walk through the current products the Klever Team has build since the start of their journey.

Klever Wallet

Klever Wallet is the most used and downloaded app of Klever. This multi-chain wallet has now more then 21 major blockchain integrated were you can hold, send, receive and stake all kind of tokens. They support all TRC, ERC and XRPL tokens of the major chains, like TRON, Ethereum and XRP. But they never stop with adding more blockchains to this major multi-chain wallet. This wallet also offers a great swap feature were you have currently over 400 swap pairs were you can can swap from and to. With the low fees that you pay is it easy to use and fast to swap without the need to have exchange accounts with KYC. So this way you are fully decentralized with the wallet to hold, send and receive any token that you want to have or to swap. This make you more independent, and that is what we all want to be more in the financial world.

This all is possible because they have build their own Klever OS.

Klever OS

Klever OS is a groundbreaking wallet operating system that enables developers of all platforms to run a smart and secure wallet inside their apps, cloud, servers, hardware, smartphones, pen drives, mobile devices and wearable. Klever OS rethinks and rebuilds the core wallet system to replace crypto wallet solutions and bring to the user advanced security on a completely new level. A simple sdk library that automatically extends your app to organize and protect all your secret information on your device of choice.

Klever OS is full of solutions for all blockchain issues you may find during development. KleverOS includes: Payment pools, sync, explorers, node operations, gas optimization, and blockchain interoperability with the use of KLV.

Klever Exchange

Klever has launched his own Klever Exchange in August 2021. This exchange is build differently then any other exchange, This exchange has the great features that every orderbook has his own instance and can handle 3m+ transactions per second. With some major price actions is this very useful to prevent any to near none downtime of the orderbook of that current trade pair.

Users from all over the world will be able to trade at extremely low amounts and very low fees. They had the third world strongly in mind when building the exchange structure and low threshold for entry. Klever Exchange is meant to be a tool to give freedom to the little guy, who on other platforms is often forgotten or neglected, since priority is primarily put on larger traders or whales. Like always, Klever will do it differently. Hold that quote in mind of above, Crypto is difficult, but shouldn’t be.

Klever Blockchain

From June 2022 the KleverChain will go live. This major achievement is something they have worked on for years to develop in a way nobody has done. With their Klever SDK they have build a blockchain were you as developer can use ready build kapps to integrate into your project. All these ready build kapps are build by Klever so they can be used super easy to integrate your kapp into the KleverChain.

The KleverChain uses the consensus algorithm based on the Pos (Proof-To-Stake) mechanism. In simple terms, PoS means that entities, companies or individuals are chosen as validators on the KleverChain, with the task of validating transactions and mining blocks based on the amount of assets they hold. Every epoch, which is a period of time that the system will measure and adjust the status in the network, the consensus algorithm will select a portion of eligible Masternodes to be the epoch’s block proposer. Initially an epoch is set to last 4 hours, although this parameter can be updated based on governance community votes.

In all current blockchains you have now Smart Contracts. Smart contracts are as we all know very high sensitive for contract exploits. With this in mind to make the “unbank yourself” more possible and safer for the user, Klever will not have Smart Contracts on KleverChain, but ready to build kApps.

Mainnet will be initially launched and bootstrapped by 21 Klever Foundation Masternodes. All KLV block fees produced by these Foundation nodes will be burned. Once Mainnet is stabilized, the Klever Foundation will submit a proposal to allow public Masternodes creation and removal of Foundation nodes. Then we as validators will come into play with the Masternodes we have provided during Klever Testnet.

During Klever Testnet all valid validators have run some tests and configurations to fully test the KleverChain before it goes live. This way all bugs are covered and fixed before the developers of external dapps are coming into play to gonna use the ready to build kApps of KleverChain and develop their own kApp. KleverChain is the optimal solution for developers and companies that want to use the most modern and secure products on the market and still be part of a community that is undergoing extensive growth and development.

This approach allows Klever to create applications and functionalities requested by the community of users that are secure by nature since they are embedded into the KleverChain, developed and deployed by the Klever Foundation. To lower the risk of bad actors attempting to use the KleverChain to scam people, Klever is implementing applications that live inside the KleverChain that can be enabled and disabled by community vote.

The Klever Finance Token (KFI) is the Klever Blockchain Application governance token. KFI token holders have complete control over the apps protocol configuration (like application fees and referrals) and approval of new apps using an on-chain voting system. KFI owners are entitled to receive application rewards in KLV. Each application can have their own set of fees, and as an autonomous system, the fees will be distributed to KFI governance community.

KleverChain enables the developers to build unlimited on-chain peer-to-peer applications. Each protocol app will have it’s own fee contribution model to the network itself and to the KFI governance community. As more kApps are developed on the KleverChain, more value flows into liquidity pools through KLV and more rewards are distributed to the KFI governance community.

Future products to unbank yourself fully

On you can easily follow the roadmap of Klever what kind of products and updates will follow during the months and years that are upcoming.

Below I have posted the official links of Klever Finance and Klever Exchange and maybe fun to watch, Klever Testnet.